Re: John 8:7

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 14:33:11 EST

Dear Ted,

Textual criticism, which deals with this issue, is a very big subject.
But there is a good, and not too long, introduction to the field by
Bruce Metzger (also one of the editors of the UBS-GNT):

_The Text of the New Testament_ Oxford Univ. Press (paperback)

On this passage (John 7:53--8:11), see his _Textual Commentary on the
Greek New Testament_, which has a lengthy discussion of this most-famous
non-original pericope in the GNT.

After you read his introductory book, this "Commentary" can be most
enlightening on individual passages.

Edward Hobbs


--You wrote--->>>>>>>>>

Which manuscripts are considered to be "the best"? Why?
Are the oldest manuscripts necessarily preferable to later ones?

I'm sure that this is too large an issue to deal with via E-Mail, but
perhaps someone can suggest a particularly good book dealing mainly with
these questions. Thanks for your help.


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