Re: Matt. 6:3//Lk. 11:3 Another Lord's Prayer Question!

From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Sat Feb 14 1998 - 18:24:26 EST

I am a little less persuaded that Edward--the reference to manna in the
exodus fits, but the conclusion drawn does not. Since the manna was
gathered in the evening for the meal[s] that would come after daybreak the
next day, it strikes me that it refers to the day that is coming. I realize
that one might respond one should calculate according to the Jewish day;
but then it is the day that is coming, as one gathers just before Shabbat
begins, for examaple. Thus I would take EPIOUSIOS as bread for the [coming
or beginning] day, and would see a future aspect to it.

But then, unlike Jeffrey, I do still find a great deal of eschatological
stress in the LP. But that's another topic--and one already well ventilated
on this list. Ed Krentz

>This proposal by Jeffrey GFibson to understand the Bread petition in the
>Lord's prayer as an echo of the Exodus & Israel's grumbling response to
>the bread given them (Whatsit, or Manna), is wholly new to me--
>--and strikes me as exactly right!
>Once Gibson has written it, it seems so obvious. And, assuming EPIOUSIOS
>means "for this day," "for the day," the parallel to Manna is all the more
>obvious, since it was given only for one day at a time (Sabbath exception!)
>and not for the future.
>Since my work on Mark sees that Gospel as an exposition of the Exodus being
>fulfilled/re-enacted/transformed, it is all the more exciting to consider
>(1) that Matthew and Luke may have shared this motif, and more importantly,
>(2) that it may go back to Jesus himself.

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