Re: Function of staff on b-greek

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Sun Feb 15 1998 - 20:18:40 EST

Dear Colleagues of the B-Greek List, and the B-Greek Staff:

My apologies to everyone, with egg on my face and with much shame.

I replied to a personal note sent me, involving B-Greek staff, and thought
I was typing in the second addressee as the B-Greek Staff. Some glitch
in my brain-to-fingers resulted in sending it to the entire List.

It is a dreadful faux-pas, and it has spilled confidential matters among
the Staff to the entire audience, including a number of issues which
should be quite confidential.

I apologize to one and all; I apologize, I apologize. I cannot undo it,
but I do repent of the folly of it. Sorry, sorry, sorry, one and all.

--whose face is both red and covered with egg.

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