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Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 22:41:35 EST

Fellow B-Greek lister's,

I just wrote a note to a member, and decided that it may be of wider interest.
I have been using a nice set of programs from England (?) that are accessories
to the JACT Greek classes/books. Although not Koine, they could be of use for
those with wider Greek interests, and could be modified by those who are
skilled in programming to add in NT words, etc.

The JACT is the Joint Assoc. of Classics Teachers, of the UK (and
commonwealth, I think). Although they list cases in an odd way and not in
the N/G/D/A/V sacred order (sacred because my Latin Prof. said it was)
they have produced a very fine set of course materials, one of which is
"Reading Greek". I took a year of this and was reading text fairly soon, and
enjoying it more than with most textbooks I've seen (the volume from Australia
by Dr. Reverend Powers an exception and exceptional). In any case, there is a
flash card type of prigram alined to there courses, as well as a really neat
Plato Reader. This latter presents a chapter or two of typical Plato's works,
and, on the off hand chance one should be unsure of a word, a tense, etc., by
merely double clicking on it, it is parsed in a side window. Definition,
case, tense and related info is provided. If anyone is interested, it is on
several websites, by searching for "JACT" or "J.A.C.T." or "Reading Greek" or
Plato Reader should find a site. I will review the "read me" and see if it is
freeware; if so, I'll send a follow up with either URL or the program attached
(if it will go through this list system).

Best Regards

Karl Schulte

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