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>If it *does* mean "not polygamous", which I doubt, then it does not imply a
>requirement for all Christians, nor does it amount to a command to divorce
>all wives but the first one - after all, not all christians have to be
>bishops or deacons!
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>I am sorry if I was ambigious. I did not mean to imply that Christians who
>were not bishops or deacons were allowed to be polygamous. What I was
>implying is that those who were burdened with the stigma and responsibility
>of a *formerly* polygamous relationship, (as any convert might have been),
>could not easily serve in a leadership position.

I guess what I don't understand is this: why do you think that this passage
implies that a convert who was polygamous at the time of conversion should
divorce all but one wife?

Is there a passage elsewhere in the New Testament that suggests polygamy is
an exception to the general teachings against divorce? 1 Cor 7:10-17 deals
with the issue of marriages to unbelievers, implying in general that these
happened before conversion, but it never raises the issue of polygamy.


Jonathan Robie

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