Re: Rev 22:17--who ERCOU?

From: Trevor M Peterson (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 20:36:04 EST

On Thu, 19 Feb 98 22:13:05 Ben Crick <> writes:

> ISTM that these ERCOUs are addressed to hO ERCOMENOS (IDOU ERCOMAI
> verse 12; NAI, ERCOMAI TACU, verse 20a). The writer echoes earnestly
> ERCOU *KURIE IHSOU* (verse 20b).

I can definitely see that as possible, but IMO the more immediate context
makes this connection difficult.
> So, ERCOU is addressed by the Spirit and the Bride to the Groom, who

In v. 20? That seems like quite a delay in the response. Also, it seems
superfluous to then add the further request of ERCOU KURIE IHSOU.

> Verse 17c has another subject, hO DIYWN. Here is the final Gospel
>call to
> the unsaved bystander: hO DIYWN ERXESQW, hO QELWN LABETW hUDWR ZWHS

But how do you explain the sudden change? It seems natural in the
immediate context to preserve continuity throughout vv. 16-17, as Carl
has already pointed out.


P.S.--I've done a bit more investigation. Some suggest that the usage of
ERCOMAI in Revelation favors Christ as the subject, but of the imperative
uses, I could find only one (22:20) that refers to Him. The others all
refer to John, thus favoring a coming of humans to where Christ wants
them, rather than that of Christ to us.

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