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From: Timothy T. Dickens (
Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 08:18:39 EST

Hi everyone!

Can anyone suggest sources regarding secretarial letter writing practices?
What I am interested in is whether secretaries would reply directly on the
letter to which a response was being made? Or if there was ever the
practice of partial erasure of the letter received and a reply being
written over the erased portion (thus an extended quotation might be left as
it were sent and the reply framed before and after the quotation). Did
secretaries ever detach the glued seams of pages to reconstruct another
text? Or did they ever cut the page and attach to a new text?

I have not been able to find leads to follow up this line of questioning. It
could be that there are no leads because there were no such practices.

Also, do any of you know of listservices or groups or what have you which
might be concerned with just the study of papyrus letters?

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