Jn 14:14; Praying to Jesus?

From: Paul S. Dixon (dixonps@juno.com)
Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 13:39:37 EST


I really appreciate having a sounding board as I do my exegesis for
sermons. I've got another one for the list.

Jn 14:14 can be used in support of praying to Jesus. If so, then it
appears to be the only scripture doing so, unless an appeal to Rev 21:20
be made.

Metzger's textual commentary presents a solid argument for the inclusion
of ME in the verse. Assuming it is to be included, what if we take the
following EN TWi ONOMATI MOU as epexegetical to ME, giving "if you ask Me
(that is, in My name) anything, I will do it." The whole verse would
then be an epexegetical parallel to verse 13.

Thus, we retain praying in the name of Jesus, while still praying to the
Father (as instructed in the Lord's Prayer). This would also comport
well with Jn 16:23.


Dr. Paul S. Dixon, Pastor
Wilsonville, Oregon

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