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Date: Sat Feb 21 1998 - 03:58:51 EST

On Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:46:46 EST Chris A Vlachos <>
> Besides John 14:14, you may also want to look at Acts 1:24;
>7:59; 1 Cor 1:2 (note present tense, i.e., in this case, habitual
>action); 16:22 (Maranatha, cf. Rev 22:17, 20); 2 Cor 12:8-9; 1 Tim
>Chris Vlachos
>Professor of NT Greek
>Utah Institute for Biblical Studies
>SLC, Utah


In the passages where the designation is only KURIOS (Acts 1:24, 2 Cor
12:8-9) the matter is unresolved, inasmuch as KUPIOS might refer to
either God the Father, or to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the passages where KURIOS is identified as Jesus Christ (Acts 7:59, 1
Cor 1:2, and 1 Tim 1:12), at least the last two are questionable prayers.
 Only Acts 7:59 clearly appears to be a prayer, Stephen saying, KURIE
hAMARTIAN. This prayer, of course, reminds us of Christ's prayer on the
cross, "Father, forgive them for they know no what they are doing" (Lk

Hmm, we do have prescription to pray to the Father (Lord's Prayer), no
prescription to pray to Jesus (unless Jn 14:14 be viewed as a
prescription, in spite of the conditional construct, and assuming the
inclusion of ME there), examples of prayers to God the Father, and at
least one example of a prayer to Jesus. We have no prescription to pray
to the Holy Spirit, and no example of such. The question now becomes,
should we take Stephen's prayer to Christ as a model for, or as a
prescript for our praying to Christ? If so, how is this to be reconciled
with Christ's instruction about directing our prayers to the Father
(Lord's Prayer)?

I have no necessary theological problem with this, of course, but will
have to think through this some more. Probably like much of Christendom,
my prayers have always been directed to God the Father, in the name of
Jesus, and hopefully done by the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for your response.

Paul Dixon

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