Hallowing the Name; Ernst K‹semann

From: Juan Stam (jstam@una.ac.cr)
Date: Sat Feb 21 1998 - 14:58:16 EST

I'm enjoying the thread on LP and "the hallowing of the Name" (and
"profaning the Name"), which G.F.Moore _Judaism_ discusses in Vol 2
pp101-111. "God hallows his own name (himself) by demonstrating his supreme
godhead..." (p102) and we do so by just and holy actions (p101). Kuhn
(Kittel 1:98) "God sanctifies his name by showing his holiness to the
world"; cf Strack-Billerbeck Vol 1, p411

I also studied with K‹semann in the early 70s and have fond memories of him.
Soon before we arrived he had been seriously bitten by a fierce dog, was
limping (as I recall) and seemed discouraged. He was deeply hurt by the loss
of his daughter (Elizabeth?), tortured and murdered by the US-backed
military goverment of that period. I had been teaching in Buenos Aires and
had known the story through Menonite contacts (the daughter of the Erb
family had also been imprisoned and tortured, because she had given English
classes to K‹semann's daughter). To me, K‹semann also seemed discouraged
about the directions theology and biblical studies were taking at that time.

I guess Oscar Cullmann is about the only one of that generation still alive.
"There were giants in the earth in those days" and their passing is a
challenge and an inspiration to all of us. Juan Stam, Costa Rica

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