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> For the first petition of the LP is simply a variant of a common Jewish
> prayer formula eventually fossilized for posterity in the prayerbook of
> the synagogues. In fact, the opening of the LP appears to have a common
> ancestry with the prayer commonly referred to simply as the Qaddish
> (lit.: the "hallowing" -- i.e., invoking the name of the Holy One). As
> Jack's essay on the LP notes, the Qaddish begins:

>  "High & holy be his [great] name [in the world he created] according
> to his will. May he establish his kingship [in your life and in your
> days] very soon [and in the coming season]. And you say: Amen!"

> If one brackets out the words in [], one has not only a close parallel
> to the the first two petitions of the LP but a probable pretext for
> Matthew's insertion of "your will be done" as the third petition.
 Dear Mahlon:

 I've been looking in vain through my copy of /The Authorised Daily Prayer
 Book/ [SeDeR TePhiLLoWTh KoL HaShShaNaH] for this prayer "High and holy be
 his great name, etc.". Could you indicate the context in which I might find

 So far I have found the "Mourner's Kaddish":- "May his great name be exalted
 and sanctified in the world which he created, according to his will! May He
 establish His kingdom during your lifetime and during your days, and during
 the lifetime of all the House of Israel, speedily and very soon! And say
 Amen." The Hebrew begins /YiThGaDDaL WeYiThQaDDaSh SheMaHh RaBBa'.../.
 This doesn't really look like "High and holy..."; am I looking in the right

 Thank you for bringing our attention to this.


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