Praying to Christ

Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 03:35:00 EST

The subject of praying to Christ was a problem for me a long time. I did not
 know if I could pray to Christ or not. But I think the matter rises from the
 question of Christęs deity. If he is God (John 14, 8-9; John 10, 30: EGW KAI O
 PATHR HEN ESMEN), why not praying to him? For me there is no doubt that Christ
 is God. Otherwise how and why should I believe in him (John 14,12)?
>From that time some of my prayers are directly adressed to Jesus Christ. And I
 experienced answered prayers with this adress. Thus in my opinion this adress
 can not be totally wrong.
 Wolfgang Arzt

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