re: Eph 3:19

From: Richard Lindeman (
Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 13:29:38 EST

>From: B Rocine <>
>Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 17:40:37 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Eph 3:19
>I don't see why many English translations of EIS in Eph 3:19 use "with."
>Why not "in"?

As it happens I just recently read this myself and also noticed a comment by
Zerwick/Grosvenor suggesting that
Ephesions 3:16 may in fact be the only instance where Paul uses EIS for EN.
I have not pursued the validity of this observation myself... but In 3:19 I
would suggest that the nature of PLHRWMA itself might indicate that EIS is
indicating ends or goal. I like the NIV translation here which reads "that
you may be filled *to* the full measure of all the fullness of God." In
answer to your question it seems that Paul first of all does not often use
EIS for EN and secondly that the nature of the noun would suggest a
different translation.


Rich Lindeman

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