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Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 23:48:41 EST

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<<Thus, I have two questions. How hard is it GRAMMATICALLY to support the

middle voice, and if it can be supported why do you suppose the NASB and

Brenton opt for a seemingly senseless translation? For after all, how can

God be judged? Or am I missing something?

I hope I am clearer now.


Nothing authoritative about this but I have heard this interpretation. Those
who, on the last day, will be judged negatively (goin' to the place that ain't
so nice) would certainly have objections to this judgement (will try to judge
God for His sentence) but will not prevail (because the evidence will be such
as to silence even those who are condemned). Whether you accept this
interpretation or not, it preserves the passive voice and some semblance of

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