Re: Matt. 6:13//Lk. 11:3 Another Lord's Prayer Question!

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Date: Mon Feb 16 1998 - 12:38:39 EST

On Sun 15 Feb 98 (11:31:02), wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the time you have taken to address
> my questions and observations. To respond fully to all you have
> to say would take us beyond the bounds of B-Greek. But there are
> certain of your statements that I cannot resist responding to here.

 Well, Jeffrey: Thanks for YOUR reply! As you have perceived, I am being
 tentative, not dogmatic here. For better or worse, the LP has been taken as a
 pattern prayer (not a parrot prayer) for the church; therefore I have to
 understand it as it relates to 20th/21st century Christianity. To do that
 properly requires that we also consider what it meant to those original 12
 (eleven) disciples/apostles.

 My apologies to Edgar and Edward for inadvertently confusing them. I am
 unhappy with the apparent presuppositions of Redaction Criticism; but I am
 happy that livelier minds than mine are at work in the field. It is always
 easier to criticise than to initiate.

 Of course, to put God to the test is part of disobeying him. So are all our
 many sins and shortcomings. The temptation to our Lord in the wilderness to
 test out Psalm 91:11-12 by jumping without a parachute was only one out of the
 three temptations. I think of the "Snakehandler" sect in the USA. Somehow I
 think I won't be succumbing to that one! 8-)

 Thanks for the excerpt from your thesis. It speaks for itself much more
 eloquently than any summary of it. Thanks too for the quotation from Joachim
 Jeremias. I must re-read him sometime...


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