Matt 6:11//Lk. 11:2 followup

From: Jeffrey Gibson (
Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 22:46:34 EST

As a kind of addendum to my recent posting regarding Matt. 6:9//Lk.112,
and, more importantly, as a stimulus for further thought on the intention
behind the petition contained there, I should like to ask a favour from
list-members, especially from those of you who like to play Devil's

As we all know, the petition within Matt. 6:11//Lk. 11:2 reads hAGIASQHTW
TO ONOMA SOU. Given its context, vocabulary, and its imperatival form, the
petition has the sense of "(Please, God,) ensure now that your name be
made holy". But this gives rise to the questions "be made holy" by whom?
(that is, who is envisaged as effectuating the requested hallowing?) And
how is this to be done?

To my mind, three answers seem possible:

a. God, by finally ridding the earth of evil and establishing
   decisively his sovereignty over all creation.

b. the non-believing inhabitants of the earth, through their mass
   recognition that the God of Isarel is truely God.

c. the community of disciples, that is, those who are urged to pray
   this petition, through faithfulness to God and a steadfast
   refusal to coutenance any behaviour which is in disobedience to
   the ways God has constrained them to act.

What I would like in response from list-members is feedback *not so much*
on whether the "by whom" and "how" questions I have asked arise from the
text (though that would be welcome), but what evidence can be adduced in
support of each of the answers about the identity of the "hallower" and
the nature of the "hallowing" that I have noted here. In other words, I
*don't* want right now to hear which answer is the *right* answer. Rather
I simply want to know what you think might count in favour of any given
one of them.

I look forward to your replies.


Jeffrey Gibson

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