RE: Greek Anthropology

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Mar 02 1998 - 20:09:06 EST

In case it isn't clear to everybody, I had no intentions of coming across
as a 'mega-asshole', and I'm glad Jeffrey gave me a chance to clarify this
in the forum. I hope things are clear now!


At 06:56 PM 3/2/98 -0600, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
>On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>> I'm not sure how you are interpreting the tone of my message. Jeffrey is
>> MUCH better educated than I am, which is why I am asking him to expand. How
>> did you read this?
>> Jonathan
>> At 03:52 PM 3/2/98 -0800, Cooper Greg wrote:
>> >Gee.....when **you** want deference you can be total passive. When
>> >someone
>> >else doesn't seem to meet your standards or education (whether you know
>> >if
>> >they do or not!!!) you sure come across as mega asshole. An interesting
>> >manipulation of personality.
>> >
>First off, to Cooper Greg: thanks for defending me against what you thought
>was a slight. But I think you actually over reacted. Yes, the phrasing of
>Jonathan's message is capable of being read as a snide remark (or
>perhaps a bit of Socratic irony), but knowing Jonathan, I'm sure that
>it was not intended to be taken in this manner. I've certainly had
>compliments come out wrong!
>Second, to Jonathan. Ouch!
>Anyway, I hope my latest posting (not this one) which you probably
>just received helps sort the Bultmann matter out.
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