Re: Rom 5:12 Death spread... because all sinned - How?

From: Peter Phillips (
Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 16:10:36 EST

of course - British irony is seldom picked up outside this fair isle...

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Subject: Re: Rom 5:12 Death spread... because all sinned - How?

>At 8:13 AM -0500 3/4/98, Peter Phillips wrote:
>>In this conversation, isn't it so pleasant to know that women are exempt
>>from sin and death and all that since it only spread to men!!!
>Well, if it hasn't already come into conscious consideration in this
>context, I think it certainly should--that Adam and Christ here are almost
>certainly being construed in terms of PRWTOS and DEUTEROS or ESCATOS
>ANQRWPOS, i.e., not so much of individuals as individuals but of
>individuals as types of humanity, so that, of course (I say "of course"
>without any intention of provocation and hoping that this won't need to be
>argued) is gender-inclusive.

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