Re: Lack of traffic B-GREEK?

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 - 12:31:18 EST

At 12:02 PM -0600 3/9/98, Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:
>I have been getting no traffic on B-GREEK in the past two days.
>Is this due to a problem with the list server, I wonder ? [ I _do_ know
>there was a severe slowdown within part of the U.S due to a major backbone
>fault, lasting more than a day ]
>I tried checking with a WHO B-GREEK to see if I had been unsubscribed [ it
>happens from time to time ] but the
>returned the following;
>**** who: no such list 'B-GREEK'

Yes, Maurice, there has been a problem. Jonathan has sent a message to David Marotta, the list-owner and we hope to get things restored one way or another. My guess is that the storage disk or whatever used by to service B-Greek and perhaps some other lists also has crashed. Perhaps it can be restored; if not, perhaps we can restore the list on a new basis, hopefully at, assuming that David wants to keep it going there, otherwise we'll start it up anew elsewhere; I have a pretty recent WHO list for both b-greek and b-greek-digest. This evidently happened Friday night (US Eastern Standard Time); I sent a message that was bounced back from with a note such as you got "no such list 'B-GREEK'.

Sooner or later we'll get it sorted out, but I have no idea how long it may take. Hang in there!

Regards, cwc

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