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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Mar 10 1998 - 14:15:56 EST

At 12:27 PM -0600 3/10/98, Marotta, Dave wrote:
>The B-Greek list is back up.
>If you were trying to change your subscription, please
>try again.
>David John Marotta

I believe it is the watchman on the platform at Elsinore at the opening of
Hamlet who cries out, "For this relief much thanks!" Them's my sentiments
precisely. Not that I'm a watchman or anything--but I have had several
queries from persons expressing the same sort of withdrawal symptoms that I
was myself feeling. It's also interesting to have discovered how great a
volume of my daily mail is normally constituted by b-greek messages!

I might even resurrect my chorus from that weird Saturday afternoon in
December 96 when a few of us were attempting to put "Jabberwocky" into
Koine Greek:


Felicitations all around!

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