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From: Roy and Connie Kangas (
Date: Tue Mar 10 1998 - 15:05:34 EST

In March 1996, our daughter, Libby, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. (a
rare cancer of the retina) We were fortunate to have a valuable,
knowledgeable team of doctors and medical care that was in close proximity.
After two weeks of seeing doctors in Utica, Syracuse
( and Philadelphia the prognosis was that our
daughter would have her eye removed. Her surgery went well and today we
have a healthy, happy two year old daughter who is examined regularly to
avoid any further problems that may arise.
Because we felt we needed to be in touch with other parents and families who
experienced retinoblastoma, we joined an internet email group for
[] On January 22, of this year, a post came on
to the group from China. The post read as follows: "My daughter, Zhao
Chenqu, was diagnosed with bi-lateral retinoblastoma at her 13 months of
age. I and my wife went to see many doctors of Xiāan and Beijing hospitals,
most of them persuaded us to give up Chenquās life because they think there
is no treatment to this disease. Chenqu is one and a half years old now.
There is no society which parents can gather to discuss something concern to
the retinoblastoma[sic]. So we are lonely. However, we must face it with
full courage. Although the medical condition is poor in China, we must try
our best to save our babyās life and her sight. One month ago, we took
Chenqu to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and began a
treatment with traditional Chinese medicine. But I donāt think it is useful
for the retinoblastoma treatment. There is poor information about
retinoblastoma here in China, but what the doctor told me is also poor. But
I found much information in the internet. I wish someone can help us, help
save my babyās life." Mr. Zhao Jieming, Xiāan, China
On February 6, of this year, another family posted on the email group that
their three year old daughter had passed away due to tri-lateral
retinoblastoma the day before. In memory of their daughter, Cienna, they
wanted to do all possible to help little Chenqu in China, so with the help
of the Childrenās Hospital in Los Angeles and Dr. Linn Murphree, they began
a fund and efforts to get Chenqu to the United States for treatment. Dr.
Murphree also helped the family obtain a visa. It was estimated that it
will cost about $37,000 for treatment for Chenqu, so a fund was set up at
the Childrenās Hospital.
Because we feel so blessed to have had such wonderful treatment for our
daughter, we would like to help little Chenqu by notifying others of the
fund so that Chenqu can receive the treatment she needs. If you would like
to make a contribution, or if you know others who may be interested in
making a contribution, the address is as follows:

Childrenās Hospital, Los Angeles
for Chenquās Treatment (Acct. # 16168254)
4650 Sunset Boulevard
Admitting Department, ATTN: Doris Callaghan
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Please note on your check, "For care of of Chenqu Zhao - 16168254" If you
have any questions, you may call Dr. Murphree or Nancy Mansfield at (213)
669-4649. Or you may email Mr. Raymond Hung [].
I was notified today that Cehnqu and her mother, Yali, arrived in the United
States and Chenqu was examined yesterday. Chenqu will need to have bother
of her eyes removed and may have to undergo chemotherapy and/or radiation.
Her mother is here with her alone and although she has volunteers at the
Ronald McDonald House to assist her, Iām sure she is feeling a tremendous
amount of stress especially considering the language barriers. If anyone
would like to send a card or gift to Chenqu and her mother, Yali, they will
be staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles for the next 5-6
weeks while Chenqu undergoes treatment. Iām sure Yali would appreciate any
small gift that would help her get by each day - possibly personal items,
money for food, toys or clothing for herself or the baby. Their address
there is:
Yali and Chenqu Zhao
c/o Ronald Mc Donald House
4560 Fountain Ave.
LosAngeles, California 90029-1913
Please pass this letter on to other parents or professionals who you feel
may be interested and able to help with Chenquās treatment. We need to
appreciate the excellent medical care that is available to us in this
country. We feel blessed every day that our daughter is now healthy and
will live a normal, happy life because she was fortunate enough to have been
born in the United States.

Connie Kangas
Rome, New York, U.S.A.

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