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Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 11:32:14 EST

Dear Ward and Steven,

n a message dated 98-03-11 08:39:36 EST, you write:

> If you are right about the marriage imagery in SARX, then
> Ezra 10:18 (concerning the intermarriage of the hUIOI IHSOU
> hUIOU IWSEDEK) gives immediate weight to thatsecond argument.

There is some interesting intertextual background that supports your
suggestion. Jude makes some references to the Book of Enoch in v. 6 and vv.
14-15. The angels who did not keep their own domain/authority, but abandoned
their own habitation did so by marrying women (a commentary on Gen. 6:1-4).
There is quite a discussion of how it was an abomination that they mixed
spirit and flesh.

Cindy Westfall
PhD student, Roehampton

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