Re: Matthew 27:17

From: Phil Hildenbrandt (
Date: Tue Mar 10 1998 - 21:39:19 EST

At 11:07 AM 3/11/98 +1100, George Athas wrote:
>The earliest and best manuscripts (such as Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus) don't
>actually have Barabbas' given name (IHSOUN) either in v17 or in v16. However,
>some do. The difficulty is ascertaining whether it was there originally.
>& Co assign a "C" value to the addition of IHSOUN to Barabbas, meaning that
>based on the evidence, they couldn't decide one way or the other as to
>it was originally there.

Thanks George. Admittedly, this answer seems to be the majority opinion but
it just doesn't seem to alleviate my concern.

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