Re: Matthew 27:17

From: Paul S. Dixon (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 12:40:51 EST

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998 06:09:09 EST (Trevor M Peterson)
>On Wed, 11 Mar 1998 00:52:21 EST "Paul S. Dixon" <>
>>What I find especially peculiar is that the NA text has B supporting
>>the IHSOUN reading, while the UBS critical apparatus says B has only
>>Which is correct? Does B have IHSOUN BARABBAN or not?
>Which edition of NA are you using? The 27th shows B supporting the
>reading without IHSOUN but with the article. A possibility, though:
>When I first looked at it, it seemed that they were citing B all over
>the place, until I realized that "B." is different from "B" in that
>the former is an abbreviation in this passage for BARABBAN, while the
>latter is the symbol for Vaticanus.

Indeed, it was late and I was not seeing clearly. The period after B is
there, indicating an abbreviation for BARABBAN. Thanks.

Paul Dixon

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