From: Steven Cox (scox@ns1.chinaonline.com.cn.net)
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 09:06:17 EST

Dear all
I'm sorry I fear this is a very 20th Century question of the sort that
raises bloodpressure, but I can't answer it so am passing the buck to b-greek.

The question is: "Does EKTRWMA include abortion as well as miscarriage?"
(the original question was "Does the Bible mention abortion?" but I don't
see the need to address that here)

In Num12:12 it is "miscarriage", but Job3:16, Eccl6:3, 1Cor15:8?
And more to the point - external evidence?
I don't think Perseus has Philo up yet (Philo Leg.All.1:76)

Personally I have no opinion (honestly).

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