PLASION in Eph 4:25 and Zech 8:16 LXX

From: Roy Millhouse (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 17:03:03 EST

There is a difference between Eph. 4: 25 and Zech 8:16 in the LXX, which is
being quoted in Ephesians. In the NT, the phrase is META TOU PLASION
AUTOU, while in the LXX, the phrase is PROS TON PLASION AUTOU. The
difference between the LXX and the NT has brought a couple questions that I
would appreciate anybody's time in answering. First, what is the article
modifying? In the NT, at first glance, it would appear to be hooked with
AUTOU. However, could it be that it is actually modifying the entire
phrase: PLASION AUTOU? Could it be possible that this phrase is a
prepositional phrase since PLASION is attested as a preposition? Is
PLASION AUTOU an idiomatic expression? Also, how would the change from the
LXX be explained? Is it simply a change of prepositions? Or is the sense
changed? For instance, in the LXX, the article (TON) modifies PLASION, but
in the NT, would the article function as suggested in one of the above
options? Or, is the NT writer looking at the Hebrew in a different way?

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