Re: Acts 17:25 therapeuetai

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Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 20:15:24 EST

Just a quote from Philo to add a little more to the debate. In
discussing the Therapeutae, Philo says:

"The vocation of these philosophers [ie, Essenes] is at once made clear
from their title of Therapeutae and Therapeutrides, a name derived from
QERAPEUW, either in the sense of 'cure' because they profess an art of
healing better than that current in the cities which cures only the
bodies, while theirs treats also souls...or else in the sense of
'worship', because nature and the sacred laws have schooled them to
worship the Self-existent who is better than the good, purer than the
One and more primordial than the Monad. (De Vita Contemplativa 1-3)

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