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Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> At 8:39 AM -0600 3/13/98, David Mills wrote:

> >The phrase TO KATA SARKA is a little puzzling to me, and I don't find much
> >help in any of my resource books. Why is an article needed? What
> >determines the case of the article? What does this construction mean?
> >Thanks.
> >---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello David and Carl ~

This is my first posting to b-greek...

Perhaps the idea of crescendo might help, as the avalanche of
intensity builds from 9:1 to the AMHN in 9:5.

KATA SARKA is introduced in 9:3 describing the Israelites, then
reappears in 9:5 with TO as an emphatic that gives it much greater
power as an attribution of the Christ. I think Paul might write like
he talks, and if that is true, reading him aloud, as a orator almost,
in the Greek, could be helpful...

George Blaisdell

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