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David W. Odell-Scott wrote:

> Of course the celebrated rhetorical question put forth by Tertullian "What
> have Athens and Jerusalem to do with each other?" expresses something of the
> problem.

Would not the rhetorical [uncelebrated] answer to that question have
to be "Alexander." ? :) :)

The general problem, however, must have to do with very divergent
streams that proceed from fundamentally differing matrices of
culture: The 'Chosen of God' vs 'hOI ANEROI'. How that breaks down
in specific passages would seem to be less important ~ eg which
philosophers did Paul mean, etc... ~ than the fact that Paul was
bridging into a man centered culture with a rejected [by Jurusalem]
evangel. That qualifies as fecundity in my 'book'...

George Blaisdell

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