RE: James Jackson and the present participle

From: Nazarene3J (
Date: Sat Mar 14 1998 - 23:35:18 EST

>Dear Mr. Jackson,

>That was an intriguing entry. I wonder, however, if you might be
>overstating the significance of the present participle in these matters.
>Certainly John did this deliberately and we should mark the reasons for
>this, but to impose upon the text that John's intention was the gloss,
>"whoever believes continually and does not cease to believe will be
>saved" might be trying to make the participle do too much. As to the
>doctrine of eternal security, it is not based upon these texts but rather
>texts such as John 6:35-51 and the logic that if we are not saved by our
>own merits (faith included) then how can we remain in grace by our own
>merits (continuing in faith, etc.).




   First of all, I appreciate the responses from the various participants on
this list. Second, I have found that eternal security, like many other
doctrines of the Bible seem to be open to serious ambiguous interpretations.
After reading Professor Blackwelder's book I was interested to see if the
position that he was seemingly putting forth concerning the doctrine of
eternal security was indeed as clear cut from the Greek as he was making it
out to be. I see from some of the responses that it is not. (I personally do
not hold a dogmatic view on this doctrine one way or the other).
   I have read many of the former posts in the B-Greek archives and have
learned from them. I also realize that this is not a forum to debate doctrinal
issues and therefore I do not want to enter said debate. I do believe that in
being able to read the Greek New Testament (as with any translation) that
certain truths of God can be ascertained from it. If the purpose of learning
Koine Greek is not to draw closer to God through a better understanding of His
truths, then does not learning New Testament Greek become merely an academic

                                                        Sincerely, James Jackson

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