Re: Blackwelder...and aspect/Aktionsart, etc.

From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 14:37:21 EST

Hi Rod:

Glad to see that you are coming to the end of this process (or
have you already ?) !!

Just read your summaries/conclusions and look forward to reading
the whole thing, esp., how you apply Porter.

BTW, I'd suggest anyone on the list who wants to try to get up-
to-date on terminology and what's going on with Verbal Aspect
that they go to Rod's Web site and read what he's posted.

I have two questions:

1) Do I now have to start using lexis and "verbal complex" as
well as Aktionsart and Aspect when we engage in these
discussions... (-; ??

2) Since the greatest area of temporal reference and aspectual
diversity comes in the present tense, did you (or has anyone
else) considered the possibility that, since Greek only has
one "present tense" form, that such diversity is the result of
the necessity of cramming multiple meanings into this one form ?
As I suggested in one of my other posts, it seems ("feels" ?!)
to me like the Greek present is much like the German in that
there is one form which must cover all the ground in both time
and aspectual issues; speakers/writers are however aware of
these ambiguities and will, when necessary give the reader/
hearer contextual clues when unconventional temporal or
aspectual issues are involved in a sentence with a present
tense verb. It is because of this sense that I have as yet
been unpersuaded by, I think he sees something
going on, but I'm not persuaded that his solution of saying
that Greek verbs are not grammaticalized for time is the
explanation; perhaps your dissertation will convince me !!


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