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Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 06:47:31 EST

At 3:53 PM -0600 3/15/98, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:
>James P. Ware wrote:
>> I find I must disagree with George Athas' reply that the text is ambiguous
>> in Luke 22:20 as to whether it is the blood or the cup which is poured
>> out. An attributive adjectival participle, like any adjective, agrees with
>> the noun it modifies not only in gender and number, but also in case.
>All this is fine and good but have you really established that this is
>"attributive adjectival participle?" The position of the participle alone is
>enough to cast some doubt this. I suppose if you factor out the prepositional
>phrase EN ... MOU that removes one difficulty. However, isn't it a bit odd for
>an attributive adjective to follow the second half of an equative clause (this
>equals that) when this adjective is intended to modify the first half of the
>equation? I am not a word order expert but this seems to stretch even the
>flexible patterns of Greek word order a little.
>Godet states that the participle is a nominative absolute. I think I will cast
>my vote for Godet at this point.

Yes, I noticed you mentioned this earlier, and I scratched my head then
when I read it. I wonder what the deep inner necessity is for Hellenistic
Greek grammarians to invent new "absolutes," whether or not there's any
reason for it. As I've argued before, I don't think we ought to talk about
"absolute" constructions unless we have both a subject and a participial
predicate in the same case. In this instance I'd say that TOUTO TO POTHRION
is the subject and that ECCUNNOMENON is indeed an attributive adjectival
participle, oddly distant from POTHRION but nevertheless clearly
identifiable as such by the neuter article referring back to POTHRION.
Therefore, not waiting for Godet (you didn't mean Godot, did you?), I'll
cast my vote against him.

Incidentally, this IS the James Ware who did LXX and Lucretius with me and
wrote a paper on Pauline rhetoric several years ago before going on to
Yale, isn't it? Greetings, and glad to see you on the list--In fact, even
if you are NOT that James Ware, I greet you and am glad to see you on the

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