Re: Shut down the "Blackwelder and participles" thread

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Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 01:29:44 EST

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>At 6:18 AM -0600 3/16/98, Dale M. Wheeler wrote:
>>The problem with this whole discussion is that we have crossed over
>>from grammar to theological discussion and its hard to keep our own
>>perspective out of the discussion...all we can do is try the best we
>>can to let the text give us our theology. ...
>I think the time has come to call a halt to this discussion for precisely
>the reasons that Dale has indicated. I was suspicious at the outset, when
>the post initiating this thread came in, that what we were about to be
>examining was justification for a theological perspective from a particular
>way of understanding the Greek text.

Let me say that my original inquiry was from a true desire to know if
Professor Blackwelder's exegesis of the Greek passages in question was an
accurate one in the eyes of Greek scholarship. I see by the responses that his
position is not definitive and that the doctrine of eternal security remains
ambiguous in light of the original Greek. Since I do not have a dogmatic view
of this doctrine one way or the other I was not trying to justify any belief
with the responses to my inquiry. The way Professor Blackwelder explained his
position seemed to be rather convincing to me but thanks to this forum I will
take it with a grain of salt. I am not denigrating the Professor in any, way,
shape or form and I don't believe anyone else has either.

                           Thank you to those who responded to my post,
                          Sincerely, James Jackson

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