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You know, this makes me think - the Ark is evidently a sign of the Christian church - so perhaps there is a reference here that the church was pre-existent a bit like Torah and so on. That we should not call the Pope/Archbishop of Canterbury/Billy Graham 'leader' but rather Father Noah and that those under whoever should be called Shem Ham and Japheth.

but of course never EN ARKHI

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At 2:06 AM -0600 3/18/98, Peter Phillips wrote:
>I am getting a little exasperated by all these posts on ARXHI in John 1.
>I am at a loss as to why geographical terms are being incorporated into
>this word's semantic domain. Why are we using 'boundary-less', 'open
>vastess' and all such signifiers.<

I'm also fascinated by the broad range of transliteration-schemes for this
little Greek word meaning variously, "beginning," "primacy,"
"principality," "empire," KTL. I'm inclined to think that's been more
illuminating than the thread itself. I find myself wondering whether to
pronounce this word "are-they,"arks-hay," "archay," and I'm still waiting
for the definitive pronunciation. ;-)

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