Re: Proffessor [sic] Blackwelder and participles

From: Richard Lindeman (
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 13:59:18 EST

Dale M. Wheeler wrote:

>I'd suggest reading Buist Fanning's _Verbal Aspect..._, which in general
>is the model I follow, though I think you'll find that there are several
>other recent writers on Greek verbs who are saying in essence the same

>Yes, I've come to the conclusion that *in general* the Aktionsart of the
>verb has, in Greek, the primary importance, which then *may* be influenced
>by the tense/Aspect chosen by the writer. Thus I try to teach my syntax
>students to first identify the type of verb they are dealing with and
>THEN ask how the tense is effecting it, if at all.

Very interesting debate going here... I'm just asking for a point of
On what basis do you personally determine verbal Aktionsart? By declension?
By observation?

Rich Lindeman

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