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Yep, you're right on Jonathan--Fanning is Out-of Print and hard too find. I'm
glad I got my wife to get mine as a Christmas gift--the $110 price seemed
ridiculous then, but now I have it (autographed by Buist himself thanks to my
perceptive wife) to use for life. It was published by Oxford; when they publish
dissertations there usually isn't enough market to keep them in print long or to
sell them cheap. However, I do expect Buist will get the rights to it and see
that it gets published--maybe paperback or someway more affordable in the future.


Jonathan Robie wrote:

> At 05:26 PM 3/20/98 -0600, Richard Lindeman wrote:
> >I searched for Buist Fanning's book "Verbal Aspect" hoping to make the
> >purchase. However, the search engine tells me that this book is now out of
> >print. :-( I guess I really am behind the times on this. Is this there a
> >more current treatment of the subject???
> As of three months ago:
> 1. Fanning's book is, IMHO, the best detailed look at verbal aspect in
> Greek, with wonderful attention to detail in many examples. However, it
> REALLY IS out of print, and very hard to get your hands on except from
> seminary libraries.
> 2. Mari Broman Olsen's book gives much less detailed treatment of Greek
> examples, but is further along on the theory (it is more recent). It is
> still available - but I bought my copy as soon as it came out lest it go
> out of print, since books on this subject aren't always best sellers.
> 3. Stan Porter's book on the same subject is the other big book on Greek
> aspect. People who study aspect tend have strong preferences for Fanning or
> for Porter; I strongly prefer Fanning.
> 4. As an introduction, I really like "Biblical Greek Language and
> Linguistics: Open Questions in Current Research", by Stanley Porter and
> Donald Carson. This is also really worth reading after reading the other
> stuff.
> My opinion only.
> Jonathan
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