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Date: Sat Mar 21 1998 - 23:17:42 EST

On Sat 21 Mar 98 (12:49:48), wrote:
> are there any other people on this list who absolutely love Greek (like
> me), but are not quite so adept (like me)? If so, are you able to
> comment on anything? I've been looking for an opportunity, but, well,
> that's tough! =)

 Yes, Allison, there are lots of us! We have been lying low and lurking
 during the learned discussion of Aktionsart and Aspect; but emerge from
 the woodwork when textual matters are for consideration. The thread on
 Philemon 6 is coming to a close now; but it's a good example of the List in
 action, IMHO.

 If you have an interesting conundrum in connection with your current
 studies, why don't you share it with us? We can't do your assignment for
 you, but we can all have mutually beneficial fun helping you out! Where
 are you "at" currently?



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