Re: (phonemes) Particle Construction of (Greek) Words

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Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 20:48:44 EST

On Mon 23 Mar 98 (09:42:08), wrote:
>╩When I was a pup in 'this man's army', some time just before the end
>╩of the ice age, our skivvies was just our underware ~ boxer shorts ~
>╩and not a thread more, 'cept'n maybe our 'T's.

 This doesn't have the remotest Greek connotation; but FWIW when I was in
 the British Army we referred to our "drawers, cellular, pairs, one" as our
 "shreddies". Skivvies? No; they were the waitresses in the NAAFI canteen
 (what the US Army called the "P.X."). Ah! a Greek connection! What the
 (uneducated) US Army top brass called the "P.X." was in fact the "Chi Rho",
 the bigram abbreviation for CRISTOS (which they put back to front).

 The British NAAFI, BTW, (recently abolished) was the "Navy, Army and Air
 Force Institutes". They were the catering contractors who supplied the forces
 in barracks with their bulk catering requirements, and also provided a
 canteen service and clubroom for the junior ranks. Most of the married
 families did their shopping in the NAAFI supermarkets in every garrison town.

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