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>Randel Helms, in his GOSPEL FICTIONS (Prometheus 1988), proposes that
>the gospels, rather than being historical documents, are actually
>reworkings of LXX accounts of Elijah, etc. Assuming Marcan priority, he
>writes that the other gospel writers took Mark's basic gospel and
>reworked the incidents for their theological purposes, again using LXX
>events, psalms, etc. Verbal correspondences between the specific gospel
>incidents he cites and the LXX event(s) he proposes that the author used
>for his "story" form much of the basis of his argument.
>Have other authors done this, i.e., listed or catalogued or shown
>striking verbal/linguistic/events parallels between the Greek gospels
>and the LXX that might lend credence to what Helms proposes - or,
>contrariwise, use the same "evidence" to argue for another explanation
>for the correspondences?

This is an old approach, dating back to Strauss, who pointed out a great
many Gospel passages in which it seems that the author has taken an OT story
and reworked it to apply it to Jesus. The LXX connection seems simple
enough to explain- the LXX was the Bible of the early Church, Paul, and the
gentile missionaries.

See Strauss for a brilliant discussion (though very elaborate and time


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