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Date: Tue Mar 24 1998 - 16:29:34 EST

What I see in the GNT (TR and NA26) for 1Cor 15:10 is "... EIMI hO EIMI
...". My copy of the LXX has for this passage in Exo 3:14 "EGW EIMI hO
WN". Another relevant example is John 18:6, "EGW EIMI".

I believe John 18:6 is an explicit echo of Exodus 3:14, and furthermore
I think the audience in Gethsemane seems to have taken it that way.
It's the "EGW", which is already in the verb, that marks this as
emphatic. The New American Bible translates this statement as "I AM WHO
AM", and I think this and the LXX accurately reflect the Hebrew here.

That "EGW" is absent in the 1Cor 15:10 citation. Thus, I'd say the
context and the intent of "EIMI hO EIMI" in that citation demonstrate
that this latter passage is much more closely related to Popeye's "I yam
what I am and that's all that I yam", if you'll pardon the comparison,
than it is to the "I AM WHO AM" declaration by God.

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> Subject: I AM / I am.....
> Does anyone find any similarities/importance/implication(s) between:
> "I AM THAT I AM" in Exodus 3:14 (KJV), and,
> "I am what I am" in I Corinthians 15:10 (KJV)
> Also, is it a stretch to find something important between the "THAT"
> and
> the "what" of those verses?
> Thank you,
> Gregory Lee Cooper

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