Re: semantic/pragmatic

From: Mari Broman Olsen (
Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 15:27:16 EST

> Could you possibly tell me how this use of pragmatic relates to the use of the
> same term by the followers of Wittgenstein's meaning-is-use theory? This is
> the focus of my confusion. I am not as confused as I was but your use of the
> terms still seems kind of alien.

I don't know my Wittgenstein very well, but I would have to say his
meaning is semantics+pragmatics, using my definition. Again, the
distinction is not always clearly (nor easily) made, but there are
principled reasons to separate the contribution of the words from the
contribution of the context (cross-linguistic variability, language
acquisition, (im)possible lexicalizations, etc.).



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