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From: Rod Decker (
Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 - 06:35:04 EST

Rolf said,

>I think the same model can be applied exclusively to verbs, to their
>Aktionsart (lexical meaning) versus aspect. The Aktionsart of a verb is
>semantic and uncancellable; in most verbs is it durative. Because the verbs
>are the backbone of any situation of communication, languages like Greek
>and Hebrew have grammaticalized a mechanism to *make* particular sides of
>the action *visible* to the reader, namely aspect. If aspect is viewed this
>way- and here I differ from Mari - then aspects are wholly pragmatic and
>not semantic. This means that characteristics such as durative, punctiliar,
>complete(d), incomplete, and even *ongoing*, are exclusively reserved for
>Aktionsart, and aspect is just a devise to make visible a part of what

Interesting that this suggestion is exactly opposite what most whom I read
during diss. research would say. It is my impression that when this issue
is discussed (not often enough!) that the aspect is viewed as semantic and
Aktionsart as pragmatic.


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