Re: "a" or "the" ??

From: Jane Harper (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 21:16:34 EST

> I have just completed an assignment for my Mark class, and am
> interested to know what other people think of this question. We were
> asked to write a brief paper discussing whether the centurion
> considered Jesus to be THE son of God, or A son of God in Mark 15:39.
> There is no definite article preceding hUIOS so that is wherein lies
> the diffciulty.
> We had to present the options, and then make a decision for ourselves
> based on what we studied. I have made my decision, but I would love to
> know what the general concensus would be concerning this (if there is
> one!).

I've found the same discussion occurring around PNEUMA hAGION .. ?? I too
would be curious to hear arguments for and against including the article.

Jane Harper
Fuller Seminarian

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