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Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 06:41:07 EST

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>Dear Fellow B-Greekers,
>I have just completed an assignment for my Mark class, and am
>interested to know what other people think of this question. We were
>asked to write a brief paper discussing whether the centurion
>considered Jesus to be THE son of God, or A son of God in Mark 15:39.
>There is no definite article preceding hUIOS so that is wherein lies
>the diffciulty.

No difficulty here, the gospel writer has put a confession of faith into the
mouth of the roman. It is quite proper to translate "the son of god" here,
because it is mark's intention to have the roman say just that.

now as to whether or not a shaggy roman executioner would give one whit
about another dead Jew, we can hardly know. But I suspect that any roman
guard standing there would more likely have said- good riddance to bad rubbish.

So, again, Mark puts words into the centurions mouth to make him utter the
first Christian confession.

>We had to present the options, and then make a decision for ourselves
>based on what we studied. I have made my decision, but I would love to
>know what the general concensus would be concerning this (if there is

Sorry, but I am positive of one thing- you will not find a concensus.




Jim West, ThD
Petros TN

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