Re: Fundamentally flawed

Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 12:03:39 EST

Richard Lindeman wrote:

"For once uncovered, the Aktionsart of a verb can tell us
perhaps some of the authors thought as well as the initial rudiments
language in expressing that thought. But the glory of Aktionsart is
its weakness. One of the weaknesses of a study in Aktionsart is that
attempts to know what in some situations may be impossible to know...
very thoughts of an author."

Hi Rich ~

Is THIS what the thrust of this 'Aktionsart business' is all about?
Not so much, as I believe you misspoke a tad [above], to know 'the
very thoughts of an author', but to know his THINKING?? To gain entry
into the mental process that creates the understanding that then
selects the concepts that become the words that are then scripted on
the parchment? NO WONDER it comes across as so arcane and esoteric a
topic... If that is indeed its focus and intent.!!! Daaah!! I am
SOooo stupid!!

Now look ~ This level of activity will NEVER be 'explainable', or
accessible, to linguistic or any other science ~ How COULD it be??
ANY science is on the BACK side of it!! The concept, then word, then
cipher ~ ALL on the BACK side of the creative activity that creates
the understanding EN ARXH. There are Christians who do not even know
how to READ who can teach all of us things from the Bible that proceed
from this source!! Folks who have only had the bible read TO them.
Who took what they heard, even in 'inaccurate' translations, and found
access to this 'Source'. And they did NOT do it by mastering, even
intuitively self taught, any 'science' like Aktionsart, or
linguistics, or even grammar. They just asked...

I hope this is not what Aktionsart is attempting...

YIKES!!! Get me OFF this podium!!! :-) :-)


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