Re: aktionsart and subjective

From: Richard Lindeman (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 14:23:39 EST

Mari writes:

>The real issue for the semantics/pragmatics distinction is not whether
>one can choose to visualize things contra the truth conditions, but what
>using a particular grammatical form commits one to.

OK... thank you for the clarification here. The question then becomes, to
what degree or extent does the selection of grammatical forms actually
commit a person? Or, as regards to aspect, how strongly is aspect
grammatized in the verbal endings? How strong a current is it in Greek
thought at this particular juncture of history? My suggestion was that it
conveyed perhaps a more gentle stream rather than an overpowering one.

>Another semantic pragmatic note:
>Perfective semantically entails that the event is over

Are working from a modern English understanding of what Perfective means
here? I don't think that an event necessarily needs to be over with or
completed in order to be either viewed or expressed as Perfective in the
Greek mind.


Rich Lindeman

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