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>The 38 volume set of the Early Church Fathers is a massive work. The
>underlying texts are in Greek and Latin. These texts were compiled and
>published by a Frenchmen named Migne over 100 yrs ago. These volumes are
>called "Patrologia Graeca/Latina." I obtained the Greek text of Hypolytus'
>"Against Helix and Beron" from the Microfiche of a Migne book. The quality
>of that original document was terrible. I believe now that we have such a
>fine search vehicle (Logos) to study original-language texts that some kind
>of coordinated effort to transcribe these Greek/Latin texts into electronic
>formating will be necessary. These electronic texts will be a tremendous
>enhancement to Greek studies to be able cul the patristic usage of Greek
>terms. But for one individual or even a small group to do the work is too
>much. Four things are necessary to accomplish this:
>1. Someone to coordinate efforts - so there's no duplications
>2. Standard format - it is better to decide ahead of time on a standard
>format: e.g. font selection such as GracaII or some other font. (This
>example might conflict with goal of # 4 below)
>3. A sizable volunteer team to do small portions as time allows.
>4. Some kind of funding for publishing in Logos format, and ideally these
>texts should be in other formats: text format, Step format, so that
>these texts could be available for wider user base. I can only do a small
>over a long time due to schedule constraints. But this certainly something
>to pray, plan and discuss.

It's already been done, and in commercial production -- at very hefty
prices, too <g>

For P.L.G, check on:

For T.L.G and other collections, check on:



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