John 1:13 ~ The 3 "nots"

Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 13:52:28 EST

When I first read this passage I immediately thought of the three
respective Synoptic Gospels, mostly because of the congruence of
'bloods' with the opening genealogy of Christ in Matthew. The much
later writing of John also supports the idea that these three 'not
borns' refer to the synoptics. I have seen nothing in the literature
[very limited] that I have read, and local pastors have not heard of
it. Does this idea have any history? Has it been ruled out?

The other matter with these three has to do with the order of their
appearance [as a group] in John, which then follows them [perhaps
encloses them is a better way of portraying the text] with 'born of
God', and then only later is 'only-begotten' [1:14] as a term
introduced. Which raises the question, as the context builds, of the
broader meaning of 'only begotten'; i.e as it applies to 'children of
God', and not just to Christ, and would then carry the meaning
'Single-born of God only', and NOT the other three named options.

Thank-you ~


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