Chairmanship of B-Greek

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 16:59:58 EST

Dear Colleagues of the B-Greek List:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our List-Owner, David Marotta,
has at my request approved the appointment of Carl Conrad, professor at
Washington University in St. Louis, as Co-Chairman of the B-Greek List.

This will be no surprise to most of you, since I have often referred to
Carl as having that role, and he has indeed functioned as Co-Chairman
for probably over a year. The "news" in this announcement is that David
Marotta has officially authorized what in fact has been the reality for
some time: the reality being that Carl and I confer regularly, and on
matters affecting the stability of the List we do so always, and then
act jointly.

Carl's contributions to the SUBSTANCE of our discussions have been as
great as those of anyone in our several years of existence, and far more
than those of most of us. He is a major scholar in the field of classics,
a goldmine of wisdom about ancient Greek, and of all classical scholars
I have known, the most learned about the New Testament. Without him, our
List would be far poorer than it is.

His contributions to the FORM of our discussions is also great, and it is
with respect to that side of him that this announcement is a formal

Edward Hobbs
Chairman, now Co-Chairman, of B-Greek List

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