Chairmanship of B-Greek

From: James P. Ware (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 09:49:26 EST

I want to add my small bit to the messages expressing their delight that
Carl Conrad is now Co-Chairman of B-Greek. I had the wonderful
privilege of studying under him at Washington University several years
ago. I agree with Edward Hobbs: his knowledge of Biblical Greek (NT and
LXX) is indeed to my mind superior to any other classical scholar working
today. To have a scholar with his love for the Greek NT and his
unequaled breadth of knowledge of the whole of antiquity as Co-Chairman of
the B-Greek list is a great boon for us all. And, yes, he is as gracious
and kind in person as you would gather he is from his postings to the

Jim Ware

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